The Just Love Project 033: A Grateful Gunther

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“Sometimes I think he doesn’t realize he’s a dog,” Jennifer says.

Just a typical Tuesday night, decompressing from a long day

Whatever 5-year old Gunther thinks he is, he knows he’s happy, healthy, and exceptionally well cared for. For Jennifer, it was always a part of the plan. Five-years ago, she moved from Chicago back to her hometown of Kansas City. Near the top of her new-house wish list:  a fenced in yard for a dog to play in.

“I always wanted a dog in Chicago, but I was living with my cousin who’s a bit of a neat freak . . . so it just wasn’t gonna happen,” Jennifer says.

It happened.

She quickly found her dream house, yard included. Soon after, tiny, fluffy, 10-week old Gunther joined her. And, in the five years since, Gunther’s been a better companion than Jennifer could have ever imagined. So he gets treated accordingly.

In addition to ample couch cuddle time and regular trips to his favorite dog park, Jennifer goes to extra lengths to make sure Gunther knows how loved he really is. More often than not, their mornings together start with a trip through the Starbucks drive-thru – a human beverage for Jennifer and a “Puppuccino” for Gunther. Which he insists on ordering himself by barking out the window.

For those extra difficult days, what’s one step above a “Puppuccino”? A frozen custard sundae.

Gunther maintains monthly grooming appointments, often accompanied by massages with essential oils – depending on how stressful of a week he had lying on the couch barking at birds and squirrels.

Whether it’s lounging in their backyard with his human, spending summer trips at their family’s lake house in Minnesota, or just getting to be by Jennifer’s side – Gunther’s got a lot to be grateful for. For Jennifer, it’s a proportional amount of love for her favorite companion.

Lounge life

“He’s the absolute best and deserves all of it,” she says with a laugh.

Gunther loves everyone he meets. He’s Jennifer’s most effective shot of energy and enthusiasm. And, when he senses she might be feeling down, Gunther does everything he can to bring her spirits up. With a face like his, it’s a job he’s become quite good at.  

“Just look at him,” Jennifer says.

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