Dog on its lonesome walking on the beach at dusk

Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach: The History, and The History in the Making

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  In the darkness of early morning, Susan Kimmelman walked the shores of Lake Michigan like Ray walked the cornfield in Field of Dreams. Like Ray, Susan had a dream. Before the city of Chicago woke behind her, Susan and her dog met the sunrise at Montrose Beach. “The beach full of dogs early in the morning is a life-affirming …

A Letter From Chief Mutt

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Hello there, Welcome to Mutt Jackson! You’re probably wondering, who/what or when/where is Mutt Jackson? A great question with no simple answer! Mutt Jackson’s story is in many ways my life story. And, in many ways, it’s humanity’s story. Those stories are complicatedly beautiful. We could simply say Mutt Jackson is aiming to make Montrose Dog Beach, which is already …